Representing husbands and wives in separation, divorce, annulment proceedings, and undertaking guardian assignments for children.

Office Services

My Office specializes in annulment, separation, and divorce disputes, from initial interview to and through the trial stage, a practice conducted for some 30 years in the New York courts, and, on occasion, in other states such as New Jersey (with special permission of the courts there).

It has negotiated and drafted numerous prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, and stipulations of settlement working closely with a wide variety of clients, male and female, and other professionals such as accountants, court-appointed guardians, court officials, besides adversary counsel. In some cases represented both sides, conducting mediation to an agreed upon final settlement.

My Office has handled both fault and no-fault divorces, and participated in custody and child support and visitation disputes which have been heavily litigated through motion practice and formal hearings and trials.  It has participated in cases with complex equitable distribution issues such as business and professional license evaluation.